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Multiple drawing references for single part?

Question asked by Tyler Johnson on Aug 15, 2016

Two questions that seem related.


We have a hardware component that gets inserted in drawings on occasion as a ship with part.  Doing this makes EPDM think that all of these drawings are the drawing file of that part file.  How do I make that not happen?  In this case the actual drawing file is an excel spreadsheet.  Those drawing nodes are used so I don't want to just turn them off.  And of course this isn't just in the contains tab, but in the state change window as well. 


Which is where we stumbled across this in the first place.  We had two open ECO, ECO A with a part using the hardware and ECO B actually modifying one of the referenced drawings.  ECO A manager selected everything (which he shouldn't have done) when releasing and tried to release a file not on his ECO.  Thankfully we have safeguards in place so it doesn't hurt anything, but I would prefer to fix the problem if I can.


Hardware References.PNG


Similarly on our ECO coverpages some drawing files appear in the list above the custom references, but in this case I have no idea why they appear there.  It must be a similar issue because in the image below those top 3 drw's have nothing to do with any of the parts or assemblies in the ECO references, and the only thing that I can see that remotely links them in anyway is an assembly using that hardware.  Can anyone explain what is going on?


Cover Page References.PNG


Thank you!