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Non-Matching Internal ID

Question asked by Doug Schaefer on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Chris Morrison

I'm working with an assy created by someone else.  When I open it, I get an error message "Referenced document has a non-matching internal ID".  I understand the problem, generally, however there are several issues withy the error:


  1. The full path to the file that it found is truncated (see highlighted section of the image below) so I can't tell where the file it's finding is located, making verification that it's the right one difficult.
  2. There is a lot of text to read, but the message auto-dismisses in 10 seconds.  Not enough time to try to determine what the file is, where it came from (See above) and what my options are.
  3. There is no indication as to what the default action will be when the dialog goes away.



My questions:


  1. How can see the entire path?
  2. Can I disable the auto-dismiss on messages?
  3. What happens if I make no choice and the message is auto-dismissed?