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    Propagate a part hole through an assembly

    Kevin Bo

      I have a part (partA) that gets duplicated in an assembly to create a pressure mold tooling for rubber parts. The part is 0.150" thick and has a hole that is cut through all.


      To create the assembly, I start with an extruded part that is 30" x 30" and is 0.05" thick. This is part is the webbing the remains between the parts after they a pressed. Next, I insert partA into the assembly once,mate the bottom of the the part to the bottom of the webbing and use a Linear Component Pattern to duplicate the part in the assembly.



      Is there a way to propagate the hole in the part through the webbing without having the cut each one individually?

      thanks for looking


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          Mark Greenwell



          Add the hole in an assembly and have 'propagate feature to part' checked.





          Mark (SolidWorks 2016 sp4)

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            John Stoltzfus

            Edit the "Webbing" part in the assembly and select one of the faces as a plane to start your sketch, select the outline of each hole and convert entities and use the cut extrude feature to cut the holes in the Webbing. 


            You can also do what Mark Greenwell mentioned.......

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              Kevin Bo

              Thank you both for the replies.

              I am aware of both methods, and was hoping for something a bit more automated.


              In the assembly, that are actually a number of similar parts that get inserted; some have holes and some don't.

              If this were a one off job, I would have cut the holes already and not even posted, but we have been contracted to do many of these part over the next 3 years so cutting each hole manually (or even cutting one a propagating it in the linear pattern) becomes less desirable.


              Is there a different approach that you can think of that would not have the mat filling the holes in the part?

              Is there a way to mate the part to a plane, then extrude a mat around each part?

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                Kevin Bo

                Here is a snippet of the final assembly. Only the holes called out are through the mat. This assembly has five unique parts.


                Each mat can have dozens of parts after the linear pattern (depending on the size and shape) and each part could have 1 or more through holes. Hopefully this clarifies why I want to automate this. Again, if this were a one off job, I wouldn't have even posted, but saving  5-10 minutes by automating the process, will pay off in the end. Not only that, the fewer things I have to do manually, the fewer thing I have to worry about not doing right.