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Saving an Assembly as a Part, what to be aware of?

Question asked by Dave Bear on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Dave Bear


If I intend to save a 2-part (but somewhat complex) assembly as a part and then combine the bodies into one, what should I be aware of (if anything)?


I did a test run of assembling to basic parts together and saving them as a part and it came up with a few pop-up dialogue boxes which I just winged my way through and saved the part.

I noticed that in the newly created part I now have a feature called import which I've never come across before.

I was able to combine the 2 bodies into one no issue so essentially it looks like I've achieved what I've wanted on the surface. But what could be the ramifications later (if any) when this body gets put into my main project build assembly?


Any hints or tips much appreciated.