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How to draw lines with API measure command?

Question asked by Edwin Thompson on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Edwin Thompson

When making measurements it is very helpful to draw a line between the two selected points or between the measured results.  These lines are important to provide verification that the measured results are correct.


The API measure command is a good command but it is surprising that the command doesn't also provide the lines as shown below:

I have looked but have not been able to find an option for this.


The nest best approach is to use the selection points draw our own lines.  Is there a command set to do this?


The measure command returns an X, Y, Z values and DeltaX, DeltaY,  DeltaZ (the measured results).  I have made a number of attempts to use these values to draw these "reference" lines within both assembly and part model spaces without success.  Is there a way to "translate" these values into something useful?