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Only use certified graphics card & driver?

Question asked by 1-DJNTLU on Sep 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2008 by William Crosby
I am looking at purchasing an Hp Pavilion dv7-1019tx notebook, the only thing that I'm unsure about is the graphics card that comes with it. Unfortunately it is not among the tested and certified cards that SW recommends.
The card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT - 512 MB dedicated memory.
I am running SW 2008 Pro SP4.0

The reason why I am looking at this purchase is that I live in a very remote area and there is not a lot of choice when it comes to local technology. I do realize that this day and age allows us to get things from around the world a lot easier, however, at this time purchasing the above is more conveneint.

Your experience on this matter would be much appreciated.