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Flex feature and changes of the volume of the body

Question asked by Henk De Bruijn on Aug 12, 2016

I have noticed that the flex features; bending, twisting, tapering and stretching do change the volume of a body, except simple bending of rectangular bodies.

When streching is used, the volume change is proportional to the amount of stretching and it is actually more a "scaling" feature in my opinion.

In tapering there is usually also an obvious relative large change of the volume.

In twisting and bending the volume change is much smaller than in stretching and tapering.

Actually I did not expect a change of volume using the bending of twisting feature, because in real life a solid body does not change significantly in volume when bended or twisted.

Sometimes the volume of a body can be very important in the design.

Maybe the software should popup a warning that the volume of the body will change xx,xx% after appying the feature.

Does anybody know a procedure or workaround using bending and twisting without a significant change of volume ?