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Solidworks Linear Buckling, why 2 results for the same problem

Question asked by Dennis Pietrantoni on Aug 12, 2016

I am trying to corroborate solidworks linear buckling with the euler column hand calculation for the critical buckling load. I set up a simple round column 152" long 4.25" diameter, with alloy steel material properties. I have a split face on each end of the column making the line fixed on one end and making the displacements except along the column's axis 0 on the other end. I then apply 1000 N to the end that is not fixed. One simulation comes up with the correct load factor of 1856. A second simulation set up exactly the same comes up with a load factor about half 930.27 of the first. Why is simulation producing two different results for the exact same problem, one appearing correct and the other appearing about half the correct value? I am running SW 2011, and I know I should be updated, although my companie's budget just isn't allowing it now.


I have attached my SW file (has two simulations in it) as well as my handcalc.


Any insight into what is going on here would be really appreciated!