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Subassembly should not expand in a BOM

Question asked by Gary Lucas on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Gary Lucas

This seems like a question so obvious that it is dumb, but I sure don't know the answer.  We have a part that is is an assembly of pieces that get made in our shop.  It goes into a subassembly along with other parts also made this way.  When we create a subassembly or drawing with a BOM that contains this part the BOM should NEVER list the pieces used to create that part, only a single item referring to the whole part!  The  BOM to make the part is on shop drawing used to make the part. This should be obvious and easy to do, because in the real world this is how stuff actually gets made.


Now as a former SolidEdge user for about 8 years I will tell you that I there was no specific mechanism for this purpose there as well!  After about 3 years of searching for a solution we found a reasonably bulletproof cheat.  We simply marked the assembly as a weldment, even though no welding was involved.  So the assembly was was then treated as a single solid part for the purposes of BOMs.  I tried this do this same kind of thing in SW but weldments work differently and this simple cheat doesn't do it.  So how all you people that actually build stuff do this?  If you tell me that you mark the subassembly in the BOM not to expand I am going to call foul, that means you have to do it every time you create a BOM, and this is an attribute of the assembly that should stay with it.  If you do this by creating a part from the assembly and using that instead I call foul on that too, because the part can go out of date with relation to the assembly unless there is a further mechanism to deal with that.


So please point out the obvious I am missing here.