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    Some problems with 4k monitors and solidworks 2016 sp4

    javad mombayni


      solidworks 2016 sp4 on a 4k monitor. feedback is illustrated


      • property manager has some problems with 4K monitors. for example rectangle icons are very small compare with non 4k monitor
      • Instant 3D and 2D boxes cant be read correctly
      • sketch relations are very small
      • line and curves thickness in not approperiate  and guide line are not much visible


      How can i fix that?

      Is any good news about sw 2017 for 4k monitors?

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          Derek Peterson

          I've just downloaded Solidworks 2017 sp1 and the problems described above are still there.  It seems unbelievable that so-called professional software is still unable to fully support 4k monitors.  The microscopic relationship icons make the program unusable and the SPR which relates to this (933006) remains unaddressed by the development team.  I can't keep paying for software which doesn't support current hardware and have reluctantly decided to end my subscription for Solidworks from the end of this month.  I'd be obliged if anyone could let me know if this problem is ever fixed as i might be persuaded to re-instate my subscription.

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              Gordon Rigg


              What about the overlapping unusable text in the file explorer? doesnt that make a 4k 15.6" screen completely unuseable if you use PDM?

              I've spent ages on this trying to get the only hardware I ever brought that was actually listed in the approved systems list, to be workable. It is pretty much unusable. My VAR reluctantly admits 2017 is no better.

              I went to the 2016 launch and listened to them tell me they now had full support for 4K monitors. 2 years later and that is still an absolute indisputable untruth.

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                  Scott Ellery

                  although I agree with the relationship indicators what you see on WorkgroupPDM is likely due to there being little to no development as it is an older PDM solution and is an add-in and not part of the native SOLIDWORKS interface.


                  this is the reason WorkgroupPDM has an end of life planned for the end of this year.


                  besides the relation indicators (which I agree are a big issue), I seem to be able to get good results using icon sizing and text scaling.

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                      Gordon Rigg

                      Full support for 4k monitors was announced at the launch of 2016, and support for WG PDM continues until end of 2017 (or is it 2018), so I expect WG PDM to be at least workable on 4K hardware (which it is not on the extremely common 15.6" screen format).


                      But my expectations, based on what SW promises and specifies in their literature, and what SW actually provides, are increasingly and frustratingly different.


                      The biggest VAR in UK doesnt even possess any 4K screen hardare!!!!

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                  Scott Ellery

                  I completley understand (and share) your frustration ,


                  WorkgroupPDM is indeed supported up to the end of 2017 (it will not be in the 2018 release of SOLIDWORKS) but supporting and actively developing a product are two very different things.


                  and due to the end of life plan for Workgroup there has been little to no development or enhancements for quite a few years which s why you have not seen it optimized like the rest (or most) of SOLIDWORKS.

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                    Omid Vahidi

                    Same issue, so I decided to use a method to hack the computer and force it to show the software in real zoomed manner.
                    Here is the link to the source I used to do that:

                    Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX) | Dan Antonielli


                    Just I made a text file (right click --> new --> text document) and pasted the Microsoft support file codes provided in a link. You need to name the file as "sldworks.exe.manifest" and paste it in the directory.


                    after all, my software appears exactly in the way the Photoshop was illustrated on that website, although the quality dropped significantly and everything looks pixelated and blurry, at least the size-related issues and text confliction problems have been solved.


                    However, there is an issue which is really annoying and is killing me: while sketching or doing something in the big space (don't know its name, where you can see the plains and your design) , often a zoomed view of the menus appears in front of the working space and disrupt me, this also happens every time I left-click on that space. Here are the screen shots of the normal and the mentioned situation:





                    if anyone has any solution for this problem, I would cope with it.

                    javad mombayni  

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                      Dave Marquis

                      Hi All


                      Don't know if anyway has found the answer, but I've found a 'work around'. Sadly, I bought a high res monitor (3840x2160) but can't take full advantage because of this issue.


                      Anyway, I found that if I knock the res setting to 2048x1152, then sign out then in again, it worked. I did have to adjust the scaling on the whole monitor, but it worked for me.  


                      (Yes, a little conflicted about it.)


                      Good luck all.