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How can I do an emboss on top of an emboss on a cylindrical surface? One emboss is deeper than the other, I can make Solidworks 2012 take them, but the finished operations are not correct. It tries to make them both the same depth in places.

Question asked by John Huffman on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by John Huffman

Below are the sketches of the logo that I want to emboss.  These are 4 different sketches that

I'm wrapping onto the cylinder.  The big number 9 is one sketch, the grid is another sketch, the text "SQUARE" is another, and the text "IN THE AIR with trademark" are the 4th sketch.  The big number "9" i'm trying to deboss to a depth of .03 inches. All the

other sketches I'm debossing to a depth of .06 inches. 

Here's what I'm getting when I do this.  The grid and the big number "9" aren't quite right.  It ends up making them both the same depth, .06 inches, even though the emboss for the "9" is set at .03 inches. 


Here's a different molded part that has the logo debossed the way I want.  Trying to achieve this with wrap on the cylindrical surface above. Would appreciate any thought on how to fix this. Maybe there's a different approach to use?  I tried combining sketches into 1 and doing this, but the "9" and the grid don't play well together.  You get open contours or overlapping contours, etc..