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Graphics card *upgrade* recommendation for old SW version??

Question asked by Daniel Kim on Aug 11, 2016

Hi All,


My current system hasSolidworks 2013 andQuadro 2000 GPU, and I find that GPU is limited with really large assemblies.

I am planning/want to upgrade to newer versions of Quadro. e.g. Quadro k1200 , k2200, m2000 series or equivalent with 4GB VRAM.


My questions are:


If I get the newer Quadro graphics cards, like the mentioned ones above, will SW 2013 still work without any performance or driver issues?

Because from the Solidworks's certified/supported graphics-card-drivers page "Graphics Card Drivers | SOLIDWORKS ", it only shows the supported drivers for SW 2014 to 2017 versions.


If it's not recommended to get those cards, due to any issues that may be involved with, what would be a good upgrade from Quadro 2000?