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Fomulas in BOMs

Question asked by Dan Miel on Sep 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2008 by Dale Dunn
I created a part and made a custom property called BulkQty as text and entered 3 OZ as the value and inserted the part into an assembly file. I then created a drawing with the assembly and inserted a BOM with a column for the BulkQty. I tried to write a formula in another column " =(`BulkQty`)" but it doesn't seem to read the BulkQty column. I then put the row/column address of E9 but it only reads the number 3 but not the text "OZ." I would eventually like to have it read the value of BulkQty is if it is greater than zero otherwise use the value of the QTY. column. From what I have read I thought something like " =If(#`BulkQty` > 0 ; 'QTY.";`BulkQty`)" would work but I am nowhere close to working this one out. Can anyone help?


Dan Miel