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Fillets and Drafts Removing Detail from Views

Question asked by Janek Popiolek on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by Mark Kaiser

I have modelled a casting, with fillets, drafts and all, and am now making a manufacturing drawing of the component.  A thing I've done many, many times, but I occasionally get a tricky one for which the fillets and drafts take away detail from the orthographic views.  In some views the component looks simpler than it actually is, and sometimes webs and ribs can't be dimensioned, you end up having to do loads of sections.


Does anyone know a quick way of producing the imaginary lines on a view which represent edges that would be there if there were no fillets?  Please see attached for an example.


These lines, according to the ISO standard 128-24 should be thin and continuous.  Tangent lines of course provide a cluttered and busy view, and these are not recommended to my knowledge in any engineering drawing standards.


I have my own way of making these lines, involving configurations and converting lines or axes to sketches, etc.. but this is rather laborious and I was just wondering if anyone had any better ideas.