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Can assembly design table control which part configurations are displayed?

Question asked by Christopher Thorn on Sep 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2008 by Christopher Thorn
Hi, I have two parts each with about 30 configurations. The two components together make up a sliding expansion joint for ducting, and the configurations in each part are controlled by design tables (one table for each part). The tables control the nominal diameter of the expansion joint. For example, each part has a "d300" configuration for 300mm diameter ducting.

I have made an assembly which combines the two parts, but cannot work out how to add the 30 combinations of configurations of the parts to make 30 assembly configurations (i.e. choosing configuration "d250" in the assembly makes both parts in the assembly change to configuration "d250").

I could do it manually, of course, but it would take a long time - especially if the range of nominal diameters was ever to increase.

Any help is very much appreciated!