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Can't Create Solid from Surfaces or give Thickness to knit surfaces

Question asked by Konrad Peters on Aug 11, 2016
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Good Morning,


I've been battling with this model I made it's a small electric automobile and it's the first time I really get into surfacing in Solidworks.


I have no errors in any of the feature on the tree but yet when I try to knit the whole thing I get errors, and what I can manage to knit doesn't

work with the thickness command. I get an "unable tot hicken surface" message. If I check the sketch I can see several "open surfaces" but have no

idea how could this happen or what is it exactly. All surfaces are referencing a previous one so they should all be coincident and closed.


Attached is the file in question I appreciate in advance any help you can give me, as I need to thicken this and scale it down for 3D printing!




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