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Force measurement along an axis in Solidworks 2014

Question asked by Paul South on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Glenn Schroeder

When I measure between two items where one is on an angle, the measure tool will give me the distance to the closest point and the axial components (dx, dy, dz) of that distance. In many cases these measurements are useless to me and I would much prefer to know the distance between the parts along a single axis (horizontally or vertically, for example). I've seen the behavior I want in other software packages, but can't seem to get SolidWorks to give me this information directly from the measure tool. I've come up with some workarounds to get the information I need, but I'd rather get it directly from the measure tool without having to jump through hoops. Is this possible, or am I out of luck? The picture below is an example of the information I get compared to the information I want. Thanks for the help.