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Pack and Go crashes SW2015

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Deepak Gupta



     We are currently using SW2015 SP5 for work, certified video card drivers etc...


     I am having a Pack and Go issue in that whenever I try and use it in SW2015, SW Crashes immediately, regardless of settings.  Doesn't matter which part or assembly etc


     I also noted that when this happens, a folder called "CopyDesignTemp" is created in the location I am trying to save the file to, so, PnG is starting, but not finishing in SW2015SP5


     One caveat, I have three other versions of SW installed, SW2012, SW2016sp4 and SW2017 beta.  SW2016 Pack and Go is fine, didn't test on the rest


     Did a repair, but have not done the registry check yet, guess I will try that, any other thoughts?

                              ok, so checked the registry and had the same issue, crazy, may contact the vendor for support, though not sure what they can do at this point





     Follow up:  SO our VAR is able to reproduce this, and is similar or the same to another SPR already submitted (SPR-973302), but they are submitting a new one, haven't gotten a new number yet.  Apparently related to having SW2016 and SW2015 installed on the same workstation