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get the persistent ID of the face

Question asked by Kensaku Nozao on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Viktor Bovzdarenko

I want to get the persistent ID of the face.

So I used "GetPersistReference3" but the IDs change in several cases.


Case 1. Change the place of SW model files.


Case 2. Open SW model files in a newer version.


Case 3. Close and Reopen SW model files in the same process of SW.

I closed the SW model files and I opened the same files again without terminating SW. The IDs changed only a few bytes.

Then I terminated and restarted SW. I could get the same IDs as first.



In all cases the IDs only changed partially. I guess the IDs include the path of SW model files , the version of SW and so on.

I want to get the IDs without needless information. Can I decompose the IDs into various information?