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SW's Teaching Bad Design Practice With Tutorial

Question asked by Rio Benson on Sep 20, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2012 by Mike Cole
Having just downloaded SW 2009, I've been going through the tutorials to become familiar with the new features. I was somewhat shocked to see the hinge design used in the Advanced Design Techniques tutorial. I've been a designer for more than just a few years, and I've never seen a forged or cast hinge design such as that SW has used. Hinges, at least the ones made in this country, have historically been made out of formed metal sheet or strip, with the pin hole being roll-formed. Don't believe me - go to any hardware store and look at their hinge selection, or go online and look at the hinge manufacturers offerings.

To SW: I fully understand that your intent was to illustrate modeling techniques as opposed to designing a real-world product. However, not everyone going through your tutorials is going to be an experienced designer. They're going to assume you know what your talking about when you show them a configurable design. It would be better if you used tried and true design examples rather than grabbing something out of 'na-na land' to get your point across. A less experienced detailer might even put such a design in their library; heaven forbid!