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Any Tooling/Fixture Shops Out There?

Question asked by Dan Bertschi on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Christopher Benic

Hey Everyone!


I'm getting a bit more responsibility here, and I'm looking for a few good tool shops to quote fixtures & tooling.  We'll design the fixtures, and have someone else make them.  We aren't able to break into our production time to make our own tools & fixtures, so they will most likely be outsourced.  If you know of any outstanding shops that can work with 3D models, and are reliable, etc.  please reply here with contact info.


I'm posting this in the NESOWUG group, because I'd love to send some business to another NEOSWUG member .  Let me know!  We're in North Canton, and I know there are many small shops in the Akron/Canton area.  I'll check back at least once a day.


I hope everyone is having a great summer!!