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Help about openning Solidworks from Excel with all of its function

Question asked by Bastien Iannello on Aug 9, 2016
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Hello everyone,


First of all, i'm sorry i didn't introduce myself (I'll do it in the appropiate section when i'll find it)

I'm sorry about my english, it's not my mother language so i might be not clear so don't hesitate to ask me more information if it's needed.


I'm using Solidworks API to do some loop in order to save a lot of images (around 100 000) and drive3d (around 15 000). But I have a memory issue and the solution we have found is to close and restart Solidworks every 2 000 generated files. So we have decided to transfer ou code to Excel and to use it to open and close Solidworks.

The problem is when I open SolidWorks with Excel I can't Save as Drive3D, and I can't find the complements which is "DriveWorks 3D Export.


In order to resolve my problem I first checked the reference in Excel to see if there is a driveworks reference but i didn't find one, so I think Excel might not open the good version of Solidworks but I don't know how to check which one is it. I'm a little bit desperate because I have almost all my code working on excel except the save as drave 3d.


Thank you for your help