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Simulate Large Particulate Being Caught by Screen

Question asked by Jonathan Tweddle on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by Amit Katz

Hi, I am looking to simulate Water and Solids running through the inside of a perforated tube.


The perforations are 0.375" Diameter and the solids are 0.5in dia, therfore none of the particles should pass through.


I have created a particle study and made two Injections. Injection 1 is water. Injection 2 is Iron at 0.5" Diameter.


I then ran the particle study and it shows a number of the 0.5" Diameter Iron particals reaching the outlet. This is not possible as the perforations are only 0.375" therfore they should not pass through the cylindrical screen.


Can anyone please help out? Many Thanks in advance!