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Dynamic lists with two different strings.

Question asked by Lukasz Rybacki on Aug 7, 2016
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Hello Forum!


Our company is launching EPDM, and I'm the administrator. I'm doing my best to set up as much stuff from day one as possible. So far it was going great but I came to a point where I need some help. Our PDM is going to work with EFACS MRP system. Therefore I will be getting some data imported (as lists) from MRP system, so we do not have to manage them in two places. One of them is Suppliers list. The problem is that I will be pushing them back to MRP as one of the variables on XML BOM export. Problem details are that I have to push back in the value that is in New Vendor Code but it is only 8 characters. Therefore it cannot hold the whole company (supplier name). This means that it will not be practical to use it as what is displayed on PDM side. The challenge is how to make it so the value displayed is what is in Vendor Name, but into the variable actually is pushed what is in New Vendor Code.

I don't want to use Alias with Text, as the supplier list is dynamic (list Imported from an outside SQL database), and I don't want to update it manually.

I found a way of importing both fields into one list and I want to use this trick that I found on this forum

Getting two variables from an Alias data card list 

I'm going to use a dropdown list to display list with mentioned two fields imported as Vendor Name [New Vendor Code]. So it looks ok.

I'm going to add a hidden field (for everybody but Admin) with an Input Formula that will cut off everything except New Vendor Code and drop it into the variable.


Anyone has got a better idea?

All comments are welcome:)


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