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Floor Shadow Size and Intensity

Question asked by Ivan Loewen on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by Ivan Loewen

I'm trying to find a way to decrease my floor shadow size or intensity and am not having much luck. I'm fearing this is not something that I can control in PV360 but I'm hoping someone here surprises me or has a workaround.


My goal here is to create a product image with a little bit of floor shadow, but not have it extend to the edge of the image. I need to have this image appear on a white background and not be able to see where the edge of the image is. Clean look, no borders. This can be done in PS by fading out the shadow, even working with the alpha file, but becomes completely impractical when working with moving frames in an animation or 360deg viewer. The different scenes offer several lighting/shadow variations but I haven't found any that satisfy. I believe physical lighting allows some shadow settings to be adjusted but I try not to touch them with a 10' pole. Been advised by some wise men to avoid them like the plague....   .... ahem Rob Rodríguez Ron Bates


Here's my current image with too much shadow...



After playing with the background options, changing from environment to color, none, etc.... I 'randomly' got this image in the preview. When I went to render though it came out like before. Although this is a bit drastic, it's basically what I'm after.