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Bend Table invalid

Question asked by Dave Smith on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by Dave Smith

I made a copy of solidworks Gauge Table (BA) and entered new values for  16GA steel with new 0.125" Radius and 0.0625" Radius. Saved it.


when I use this table to make a base flange , browse to the table ,  I could see all Radius in drop down list  except 0.0625" (this I entered in new column, whereas 0.125" radius , I changed in first column where it was 0.25") , any way I selected 0.125" radius to see if it works and click ok .


I got the message - "Bend Table is Invalid" . I have attached the Table for ready ref. Please let me know what I  am doing wrong. Why I can see 0.125" radius and not the 0.0625" radius. and why the "bend table is invalid"