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Visualize 2016 SP1 Release Notes

Question asked by Brian Hillner Employee on Aug 5, 2016

Hi Visualize Community,


I wanted to make you aware of updates to the Release Notes and Known Issues for Visualize 2016 SP1. Please see attached updated Visualize 2016 SP1 Release Notes. The Release Notes found in the Help menu within VIsualize will remain unchanged, so please refer to this updated document.


There were 4 lines we updated with the Release Notes for Visualize 2016 SP1. Here are the corrected statements:


  1. Support for HDR Light Studio is also included in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard.
  2. Hybrid render mode is not possible with 'Fast' rendering. This is a known limitation. Hybrid mode is still possible with 'Accurate' rendering mode.
  3. Copy/Paste of Decals that are already applied to the model causes a crash. This issue is already resolved and fixed in Visualize 2017 Beta.
  4. Accurate and Fast rendering is continued when you switch from Accurate/Fast to Preview and back without changing the camera or rendered data.


We are happy to hear all the positive feedback from Visualize 2016 SP1. Continue to voice your questions, issues, bugs and feature requests in the Visualize forum. This is one of our main sources of direct user input to continuously make Visualize better for our passionate community.


Thanks for your support and we look forward to delivering Visualize 2017 in October!


Best Regards,


SOLIDWORKS Visualize | Product Manager