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    Looking for macro to permit editing part custom properties inside an Excel BOM

    Joseph Dunfee

      In another thread from a few years ago, there was a reference to a macro that permitted a user to edit the custom properties of a part file, from within excel. But, I have been unable to find this macro.


      I know that a Table based BOM that is inserted into an assembly can be edited to change the custom properties in a part file, but there does not seem to be any built-in method to do this with an Excel based BOM.  An Excel BOM can be inserted into a drawing, but that can't be used to change the properties in the part file, since the link is only one-way.


      My motivation is that I have an existing list of parts, with prices and links to the vendor.  I would like to add these to the part's custom properties, without haing to manually do it one-by-one.  Hopefully, I can find a way to, at least partially, automate this.