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How to prevent numeric input dims in sketches from snapping?

Question asked by Brian Vaughan on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by Brian Vaughan

hello all,


New here. Solidworks 2015 user. I have an issue where sometimes when i am trying to input a length on a midpoint line using the numeric input the dimension will not snap to the input but to a line just past the input dimension. I will attach a before and after.


Before: both horizontal lines are 1/2" from the center line. I am drawing the midpoint line with numeric input. As you can see i've typed .4875 in the box.
Then i hit Enter.


After: well, it snaps directly to 1/2" making the line the full inch instead of the .975" i was looking for. Solidworks ignored my input.sldwrk-after.png

I've had it to that to me with regular lines as well. There's no rhyme or reason to when it will snap to the next line as far as i know when the dims are close to the distance to the next line.

I just went through all the sketch snaps and unchecked all but the endpoint snap which i need to center my midpoint line and it still snaps the dim to 1/2". It snapped to 1/2" from my input of .4875" all the way down to .481". However, .480" did not snap. Most times i experience this issue i just draw the line off to the side and use the move command, which is annoying. Even more annoying is inputting something super short and then redimensioning. and the dim will only snap if there are lines above or below.


Anyone have any better ideas other than workarounds? I get off in an hour so i might not see any replies till Monday morning.