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How do I add multiple Materials and Appearances to a Design Table?

Question asked by Kyle Wagner on Aug 5, 2016
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Below is the part I am working on that I have created multiple variations of this part as displayed in the Configurations tab using the Design Table and Excel Spreadsheet:

Below is a screen shot of the Excel Spreadsheet I created. Some of these Temperature Transmitters have different probe lengths which I have successfully taken care of but as you can see in the description line, some of the parts are stainless steel and some are brass. If I apply a material to one object they all become that material so for now I have specified *Material <not specified>:


When I open an assembly and place one of these parts into the assembly I want the option to configure the component through the fly out menus. I have specified parameters and within the parameters I can select the length. I want to be able to select the material too to help choose the correct part from the design table:


Can someone please assist me with resolving this issue. My company is in the middle of converting to SolidWorks and we are trying to create our database. Knowing this is imperative to help us successfully design in this program.