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Modification to Export as PDF, DXF Marco?

Question asked by Unknown Unknown on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2020 by Jeff Parker



I recently found a macro on these forums that does almost exactly what I want, but as I have absolutely no coding experience i'm having trouble modifying it, could someone help?


I need to save the drawing I have open as a PDF and a DXF in a different folder to the place the drawing is saved.

The problem is that the folder name doesn't follow a set rule and so could be different depending on which of our designers created it.


This marco I've been using is a slightly modified version of one I found in a different thread here. (Thankyou Deepak Gupta)

It works like a charm and exports the PDF and DXF to the same folder as the drawing which I can then move on mass to the correct folder,

But is it possible to get the Macro to ask for a save location before saving as a PDF and DXF?


Thankyou in advance for any assistance,