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    Fully Defined Sketch

    John Sutherland

      In SW08SP3, what rules must I comply with for my sketches to be Fully Defined?

      How should I respond to the messages:-

      "Fully defined sketch is complete but is still undefined"?

      "The sketch can now find a valid solution - Select the desired solution and press accept" (no solution is offered)?

        • Fully Defined Sketch
          Sajid Abdullah
          this simply means you have an un-contrained entity, (basically not enough dimensions to make it 3D)

          there is an Auto Dimension functionality known as Fully Defined Sketch

          Whilst in sketch mode

          Simply select origin ( or entities to dimension from)
          and press icon for Fully Defined Sketch
          or Tools>Dimensions>Fully Defined Sketch

          then choose from radio Button
          All entities or selected entities and press Calculate ,

          This then Auto Dimesion the sketch ( and fully define)

          hope the helps
          Sajid Abdullah (CSWP)