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Flow Simulation Temperature Set Up

Question asked by Kostas Kostantinou on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Kamil Zyskowski

HI there,


I just started using Solidworks Flow Simulation to model the heat transfer in a mould tool from aluminium that will form a rubber part. I am trying to set up the initial temperatures for both solids but I find some difficulties. Through the wizard tool I can set up the temperature for the selected solid which is the moulding tool material. I assigned the second solid material in the flow simulation tree. However, for the second solid in my model I can't find out how to set up the initial temperature.

I tried through initial and boundary conditions but during the analysis the second material doesn't have the initial temperature I wish to hav.


can anyone give me an advice on how to make sure that all my solid parts will have the initial temperature I want them to have.

The analysis is time dependent, gravity, heat conduction in solids and the fluid is air


thank you very much