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"what if" study design points status "failed to start"

Question asked by Joel Leblanc-Lavoie on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Surya Jayaraman

Hello, first of all I must mention that I am new to Solidworks Flow simulation.


I have tried a parametric "what if" study. It started running and I let it go ever night. When I came back, no calculations were done, I had no data and on the "status" line of every single design point there was the red label "failed to start".


What are the causes of this and/or how can I avoid it?

Also, are there STEP BY STEP tutorials on how to run flow simulation studies (both "what if" and goal optimisation), because it is a massive feature and how to set it up correctly looks pretty fuzzy.


(please disregard the part and the color scale, it comes from a previous successful simulation)

Fail capture.JPG

Much thanks