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How to Batch Convert Bunkspeed assets to Visualize assets

Question asked by Brian Hillner Employee on Aug 4, 2016

Hi Visualize Community,


This one is for all you Bunkspeed users out there......


There have been a few forum threads on how to batch convert legacy Bunkspeed materials (.bmf), cameras (.bcm), and projects (.bif) into the new Visualize file extensions:


.svap = Appearances (Materials)

.svcm = Cameras

.svpj = Projects


Rather than painstakingly manually changing the file extension for each one, click the link below and follow "Method 1" to easily batch rename infinite file extensions in one simple step.


Just make sure you have a separate folder for each file type you want to batch convert, since this process will rename every file within a folder to the new desired file extension.


Batch Change/Rename File Extensions In Windows


Hope this helps!