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Steel K-Factor Pressbrake Forming

Question asked by Jay R. on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Johnathan Kearney

Hi All,


We use Bystronic 320 tonne pressbrakes to fold 100s of tonnes of steel a year. I use the following settings in Solidworks and advise our clients to do the same.


Mild Steel K-Factors for 90° Folds


1mm, R1mm, K-Factor 0.2733

2mm, R2mm,  K-Factor 0.2733

3mm, R3.84mm, K-Factor 0.4

4mm, R5.12mm, K-Factor 0.4

5mm, R6.4mm, K-Factor 0.4

6mm, R8mm, K-Factor 0.4

8mm, R9.6mm, K-Factor 0.4

10mm, R12.8mm, K-Factor 0.4

12mm, R16mm, K-Factor 0.4

15mm, R24mm K-Factor 0.5


Plate Rolling, All Thickness, K-Factor 0.5


Accuracy using these settings is +/- 0.25mm on S275, S355, DD11, DC01.


Basically the radius is the material thickness x 8, which equates to the vee size to be used. Then this is multiplied by 0.16 to get the inside bend radius (e.g. 4mm x 8 = Vee32, 32 x 0.16 = R5.12)


It would be interesting to know what other users of Solidworks use in their bend settings?