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Strategy to automatically populate properties for imported parts

Question asked by Joseph Dunfee on Aug 4, 2016
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I have a fairly complex assembly, that was created by importing an AutoCAD model.  The components all have file names that give the description, vendor, and part#.  Those file names also use a convention where fractions are indicated by an underscore, rather than a slash, to be a valid file name.  I.e. _ vs /


If I have the BOM in excel, it is not too difficult to convert most of the items to a proper listing using the text-to-column function, or just search and replace.  But, I have only done this with a static BOM.  I am now hoping to utilize a dynamic BOM.


My hope is to find a way to populate all the parts with their custom properties that are extracted from the part file name.  I don't think it is possible to do this with an Excel based dynamic BOM, since (at least I think) that the data link is one-way.  I.e. you cannot edit or create a property in a part by editing the data in Excel.  Is this true?


I realize I might be able to get the custom properties added by editing the default part template and then re-importing the assembly. But, those properties would be empty.


My guess is that the only way to automatically populate these part properties with the data is to write an application.  Is this correct?


Thank you for any advice.