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    Clear recent input in Solidworks 2015

    Anandika Nevada


      Do anyone know how to clear or disable recent input in SolidWorks 2015? Because this PC is used by many people and once they created new value it become persistent and creating so much entries that id is becoming disturbing.

      SolidWorks 2015.png

      Uninstalling and re-installing won't help.

      Please a straight forward to the point answer or direct link to solution.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello, and welcome to the forum.  Unfortunately there isn't currently a way to disable that drop-down.  I hate it as much as anyone.

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            Anandika Nevada

            Hello Glenn Schroeder, thanks for the warm welcome,

            I wasn't able to disable that feature, fortunately I figure out to erase the entries...

            1. Open Registry Editor.

            2. Browse to:

            HKCU\Software\Solidworks\SOLIDWORKS 2015\Dimension

            Erase all keys beginning with MRU such as:

            • MRU Angle Dimension1
            • MRU Length Dimension1

            3. There you go entries will start from begining again.

            I'll see if I can write some VBScript or Batch script to erase those stuff to ease job.

            SolidWorks Regedit.png

            It takes me days to figure out where was the entries saved.

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              Anandika Nevada

              If you are afraid to access Windows Registry, you can automate the process (which are safer) by using Batch Script. Follow the step below:


              Copy and paste the script below to Notepad, then save as ClearRecentSW.BAT.

              REM Start of Batch Script
              @ECHO OFF
              ECHO Erasing recent entry...
              SET var_Number=1
              @REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2015\Dimensions" /V "MRU Length Dimension%var_Number%" >NUL
              IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 1 (
                GOTO label_Loop2
              ) ELSE (
                @REG DELETE "HKCU\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2015\Dimensions" /V "MRU Length Dimension%var_Number%" /F >NUL
              SET /A var_Number+=1
              GOTO label_Loop1
              SET var_Number=1
              @REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2015\Dimensions" /V "MRU Angle Dimension%var_Number%" >NUL
              IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 1 (
                GOTO label_Exit
              ) ELSE (
                @REG DELETE "HKCU\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2015\Dimensions" /V "MRU Angle Dimension%var_Number%" /F >NUL
              SET /A var_Number+=1
              GOTO label_Loop2
              ECHO Done!
              REM End of Batch Script

              Run the file by double clicking.


              I have tested this script many times, so if you do it correctly, there shouldn't be any problem. If you are unsure about this step, you can ask here. But please be noted I won't be answering any question that has the answer written in the note below.



              • If you are using other version of SolidWorks, you just need to change SOLIDWORKS 2015 to version you are using ex: SOLIDWORKS 2016.
              • This batch script is ONLY for 64-Bit SolidWorks installed in 64-Bit Windows. It is NOT TESTED on 32-Bit SolidWorks on 64-Bit Windows, but you can try manual search the keys manually via Registry Editor in HKCU\Software\Wow6432Node and erase the values manually. When accessing registry manually you DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I won't be publishing script without testing it first.
              • Since the settings is located in user area, you have to run the script per account in Windows.