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    Detail Sheet / Detail Callout / Custom Properties

    Alan Stoldt

      Solidworks 2008 SP4.0

      We have our Machine Layout as Sheet One with the BOM located there.

      In a separate SLDDRW file we begin our Detail Sheets, (4) Details max per sheet.

      We used a Block for the Detail Callout, similar to the one shown below.

      What I would like to accomplish is:

      From the BOM in the Machine Layout, the details shown (24" Sawblade) is assigned ITEM NO (9).

      On the Detail Sheet when I insert the Det Callout block, I would like the Ballon to the Side to have the same ITEM NO from the BOM.
      (and no, I don't actually detail a purchased item, this was just what I used to test the Custom Properties)

      We do not use multiple tabs and I think this could be done if we did so.

      So I would be looking at the Machine Layout Drawing assigning an ITEM NO to the component, and having this carry through back to the part level and from there into the Detail Sheet.

      Sure, I could manually number a Custom Property within the Part, but I don't care to do so.

      Current the DET is a Text Balloon that we fill in manually. Am I stuck this way?

      Any input or ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

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            Andy Sanders
            I'm not quite sure how your detail drawing/part (separate from assembly drawing?) will know which item number it is on the BOM.

            Is there a way to tie the item number position in the BOM to a custom property?

            If something is changed in the assembly (adding/subtracting a detail) it could throw everything off.

            There are BOM experts here that are far better than I at this..
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                Aaron Larson
                This is a huge huge problem that really needs to be addressed. It has come up many times that I've seen on these forums. I feel your pain Alan - our component detail note is set up the same way. Balloon to the left of the note with the item number. Within the note is also the quantity required.

                The closest I can come to having the BOM values linked on the respective detail sheets, which are in the same SLDDRW file as the assembly and BOM, is to make sure that your component views have the "Keep Linked to BOM" box checked in the view properties. (RMB on a view >Properties). You can then attach a balloon to the view with a leader as this is default. Then edit the properties of the balloon to exclude the leader. You can then move the balloon next to your note.

                The trick is to make sure that your note and balloon are attached to the same view so that they move together as a "group" if the views are moved. The balloon does update if the item number in the BOM changes this way and it leaves out all the manual mish mash. As far as getting the quantity linked in the note I haven't got that one yet. The closest I can come is to use a split balloon next to my note which also displays the quantity.

                Hope this long winded reply helps!
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              Ricky Gutierrez
              If I understand your problem correctly, I would suggest this. I would make the BOM follow the assembly order and then rearrange your assembly to what you need the BOM to look like. Now since your BOM and the details are on different files, I dont know of a way to link your details to a view on another file, but you could then, off the page, insert the assembly file and pull the same bom that is ordered by assembly order. this way if the model order changes both the bom on the details page and the bom on the assembly page will update.

              Now that s a whole lot of work for getting the bubbles ordered correctly but I couldnt tell you how else to do it. Aarons way will work just fine but i think it only works if your main assy and bom are in the drawing as the details.
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                Alan Stoldt

                Thanks for the input. Perhaps 2009 will address these issues. (We are not allowed to upgrade until after SP2 so are still on SW08 SP4).

                I've gotten fairly fast at inputting the values manually, it is just a PITA.