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    Can Solidworks include the material name as metadata when exporting to AP214 STEP?

    Chris Were

      I have seen in the forum that material properties aren't written; I understand this.  However@ I thought the material name would be included in the metadata; its fundamental manufacturing information.  I am only interested in exporting a single SLDPRT files as STEP while maintaining some reference to the material.. (I see colour info in there).  I looked for export options for a switch to turn it on but could not see one.


      Related...  I assume also solidworks cosmetic threads are not exported to STEP in any form also?  This would also be a nice-to-have...


      (atttached a trival 2016 part with two holes, one of which is tapped M20, material set to "AISI 1020", and the STEP AP203/AP214 conversions.  I understand that AP203 is less likely to contain the data than AP214, the latter being an extension of the former)