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    Large displacement problem

    Enacheanu Dragos

      I need to do a simulation o the boom shown in the picture. I tried every solver and only the iterative solver works, but a some point it asks me if I want to use large displacement simulation and if I click yes I get the error shown below and if I click no it gives me the results but are not realistical.

      Solidworks informs that:

      • The large displacement solution does not work with:
        • Spot weld and bearing connectors
        • Beam mesh or mixed mesh that includes beams
        • Remote mass loads
        • Compute free body forces option in the Static dialog box (the software ignores the option)
        • Improve accuracy for bonding incompatible mesh (slower) option in the Static dialog box for surface to surface, No penetration contact (the software ignores the option)

      I don't have any of the above and I don't understand why doesn't want. I tried for a week to find the problem and I didn't.


      I use only solid bodies, two rigid connectors (the error is show even without it), only bonded contact sets (for the parts without surfaces in contact) and curvature mesh.