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    Dan Tegman
      How do I detail a plate, for my laser cut vendor w/o showing tapped holes and other machining features?

      For instance the plate will be ground to a finished size of .375 but the plate needs to be cut from .500.

      I thought I read somewhere in the help where you could do this.

      Thank you in advance.


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          Anna Wood

          One for laser with the appropriate features suppressed or sizes changed and a milling or what ever configurations needed to document your other manufacturing processes.

          Here is an example for you. Not a lasered part, but a tooling insert. Should give you an idea on the concept.


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            Craig Siebert
            create a config of the part called before ream or something, and then create a config called reamed holes, and suppress and unsuppress your features according to exactly how the part is manufactured. This not only gives you the exact order in which it is made you can choose which config you want at any given time and that comes in handy with drawings. Plop in the view right click it and change the config in the properties to display what you want.
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              Eddie Cyganik

              Just to add my 2¢ and try to add some reasoning here:

              Configurations and Insert Part are two methods that will work, so how do you decide on one over the other?

              Use Part Configurations when:
              => Your parts will vary in size.
              => Your parts will share most but not all features.
              => Your parts will be documented on a "Tabulated" detail drawing.
              => Your parts will be used to generate a Family of Assemblies.

              Use Insert Part when:
              => Modification of your parts are controlled by 2 different sources, i.e: one is purchased/one is altered by you, "Altered Item"
              => Modification of your parts are controlled by 2 different processes, i.e: one cast/one machined, "Make From"

              All case are not cut & dry but these "rules of thumb" have served us well.

              Your part is made from another part.