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Non PDM revision managment

Question asked by Kristopher Hop on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by Kristopher Hop

I know this probably isn't in the right section, but I'm in dire need of some help. So I've been assigned with two drawing libraries to organize. The first is the library containing the production prints drawn up in Solidworks which we have recently purchased PDM. The other library is the output library that is on the shared drive which consists of .dxf's, and .pdf's mainly for purchasing to use to send out prints to vendors. It's not an overly complicated library, and I'm new to doing this, but I was wondering if you guys, and gals, had some simple revision control ideas that I could present to the top men.  I know some might say to use PDM, but as of right now I'm the only one using solidworks, and pdm, and the money for all the extra seats isn't available right now.