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Trying to work out how to cut around a corner

Question asked by Alex Jindrrk on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Alex Jindrrk

Hi there, I am making a 3D of a product which is a aluminium usb type c hub. It has a interesting shape.


I have been trying to work out (I am a novice at 3D) how to get an special cut around a filleted body. I have tried over the last 24 hours and cannot get it to work without some inconsistencies on the body.


I have attached a view which shows the left side which can be extruded cut no problems as the white piece extends past the 10mm fillet. But on the right it is different and is 4.7mm in length so when I cut from that face it will leaves parts on the inside. I was thinking you can make a cut go around the fillet but I tried 'Wrap' and that couldnt work. Is there another way or feature that will do this that I dont know?


Thanks so much for any help. It is driving me insane (I still think in 2D more than 3D which is half the problem)


BTW the shell is 1mm aluminium.
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