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Ultra PC, Ultra slow results... Suggestions?

Question asked by Ryan Noble on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2008 by 19411
I'm working on a non-linear analysis very similar to the clip analysis in the COSMOSWorks 2008 tutorials. Perscribed displacement, no penetration contacts, etc... It is a cylindrical part that I am representing by a 5° section with symmetric constraints. I'm working with a new PC that I would think would have plenty of gusto to get right through the analysis. It is taking longer than I would expect, and I'd like to hear some people suggestions for speeding it up, or thoughts on what I might be doing wrong... Or am I just not patient enough?

Analysis specs:
10582 elements
17777 nodes
High quality mesh (53331 equations)
at .0247 seconds in of a .2 second analysis it has taken ~4.5 hrs.

PC Specs
2 Intel Xeon X5460 Quad core processors & 3.16 GHz
16GB Ram