Yaroslav Shkolnik

Converting from STL to Parasolid Warning Message

Discussion created by Yaroslav Shkolnik on Sep 17, 2008
Here is the situation that I am having a problem with:
A CT scan was taken of a person's torso including the spine and the rib
cage. The CT file was imported into MIMICS software and the rib cage was
isolated from the spine. The MIMICS rib cage file was then converted to an
STL file. Then, the STL file was opened in SolidWorks and it needs to be
converted to a Parasolid (*.x_t) file, however, a warning message comes up
every time, not allowing for this conversion. The warning message reads
"The file could not be saved because the part's geometry is not valid for
this type of save operation". Can you please help me determine the
solution for this problem? What can I do to do this conversion? Thank you.