Matthew Lorono

List of ASME Allowed Letter Revisions for PDMWorks

Discussion created by Matthew Lorono on Sep 17, 2008
A month or so ago, I created an excel file with a list of ASME allowed letter revisions up from A to KY. This list skips the use of I, O, Q, S, X and Z per ASME Y14.35. When setting up PDMWorks Revision Scheme with VaultAdmin, simply select "Listing" option under Primary column, copy the list from this excel file and paste directly into the Primary Listing window, then click the Apply button. Here:

I will expand the list when I get a chance to include all allowed revisions to YY. I also may add a second list that provides 1-999 without requirings the same number of digits for all revisions, so you can still have rev 999, but also 1, 2, 10 etc, without the leading zeros (001, 002, 010).