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Workgrup PDM PDF Export Macro - Upper/Lowercase

Question asked by Michael Wade on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by Amen Allah Jlili

Hello All,


Quick macro question with regards to exporting PDFs from Workgroup PDM.  I have this terrific script by Steve Takata that exports all the PDFs from the vault (the PDFs are created automatically during check-in) but I'm having a lower/uppercase problem.  The line highlighted in bold below removes the .SLDDRW from the PDF filename and adds the Rev instead.  Problem is it only does this for drawing files where the extension is uppercase (.SLDDRW), not lowercase (.slddrw).  How do I tell the macro to remove .SLDDRW regardless of case?



For Each result In results

    'If the document has an embedded PDF, then...

    If result.Document.HasPDF <> 0 Then

        'Create the new filename, deleting ".SLDDRW", inserting separator "-" and the revision

        filename = thisPath & "\" & Replace(result.Name, ".SLDDRW", "") & " - Rev " & result.Revision & ".pdf"


        'Check to see if the target file name already exists.  If so then skip file creation.

        If Dir(filename) = "" Then

            'Save out the embedded pdf to the path

            'NOTE: this will save "filename.SLDDRW.pdf"

            result.Document.SaveAsPDF (thisPath)


            'Rename the file saved above to the target filename

            Name thisPath & "\" & result.Name & ".pdf" As filename

        End If

    End If




Complete macro is attached in a zip file.