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Problem with linked Excel table Ole in Drawings with SolidWorks 2016 SP4

Question asked by Gianfranco Turchetto on Aug 2, 2016



Solidworks 2016 Sp4 64bit

Windows 7 64bit

Office 2010 64bit


we have some drawings with excel objects linked.

When we open the drawings, it appears an excel dialog :

"Error opening the file. It could not be more 'active network connection."


Probably the excel file is missing, renamed or deleted.

But how can we fix this?


We tried to remove all the excel table, and saved the drawing.

But when we open the drawing we get the same message.


1. Is possible to have a list of ALL the Ole Linked Object inside the drawing

2. How to remove all the Ole Object from drawing?


Thanks in advance,

best regards