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    Keeping local storage folder clean in conjunction with Workgroup PDM

    Andrew Bollman

      Hello, I am wondering what are best practices for keeping my local folder from slowly filling up with files?  When I check files into our Workgroup PDM I notice I can delete local files, but it's not so simple.  There's lots of tricky edge cases.


      For example I've noticed that if I simply want to delete the local files through Solidworks (as opposed to just dragging files from my folder to the trash, which is dangerous), then I have to check in the file, but that sometimes means forcing a revision on an unchanged part/assem if I'm just doing a check-in for the sake of using their menu to delete files safely.  Is there a different place I could delete local files than here ?


      I've also found some other edge cases not worth writing on and on about, but I'm relatively new to file management and hoping to hear of a good practice we can adopt.  Thanks !